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About Sports in General in Hua Hin

Are you looking to get fit and firm? Would you like to shape up, feel younger and become healthier in a tropical beach paradise setting? Well, Hua Hin could be just the place you are looking for. OK, a good tropical sun tan will make most people feel healthier and look much more attractive anyway. However, and of course, a sun tan is just a temporary way of fooling yourself and others that you are in tip-top condition! If you really want to feel energetic with fully-charged batteries and a real zest for life, you have to earn it with a combination of lots of fun mixed in with some good old fashioned hard work.

Here in Hua Hin, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to looking for sporting action. The range of sports activities is nothing short of fantastic. Beach lovers can choose from horse riding, swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, kite boarding and jogging on Hua Hin’s tropical, palm-fringed beach with its beautiful sand, calm water and granite boulder-strewn shoreline.

Those who prefer to move a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the beach can choose from walking and trekking the forest trails, climbing mountains or mountain biking along some fantastic trails from basic trails for beginners to full-on steep, fast, technical trails with tree roots, rocks and even water to cycle through. Mountain bikers are spoiled for choice here and even have the very well organized King’s Cup competition every year to enjoy. This festival is very professional. It is held at Bor Fai Shooting range; just 10 minutes’ drive north-west of the centre of Hua Hin and has food stalls, merchandise stalls, medical services and a live band with singers. Free T-shirts and medals are handed out to all those who enter the different length races.

Kite boarding is a relatively new sport to Hua Hin. However, it has fast become a very popular sport indeed with new kite boarding centres cropping up along the beach. The kite boarding shops offer not only state-of-the-art equipment for sale along with clothing and accessories, but they also offer expert tuition at reasonable prices from around 8,000 Baht for 8 hours’ worth of lessons. The sport has now become so popular that Hua Hin has become a magnet for kite boarders and the world kite boarding championship is now held in Hua Hin and sponsored by the Intercontinental hotel. This hotel brand also recently sponsored a tennis match held in Hua Hin between Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams in 2010. And, in 2011, Kim Clijsters played here, defeating Caroline Wozniacki.

Of course, golf must be mentioned here as there is an excellent choice of courses to choose from. A three to four hour game of golf in Hua Hin’s tropical climate is certainly a tough work out for even the fittest of people. There is also a good shooting range in Hua Hin for those who like their sports a little on the noisy side. If you want to fire a gun but are a little scared of real guns, you can go to play BB Gun or paintball with centres in Cha-am and Pranburi – not quite so dangerous as firing a real gun but still lots of fun and very exciting.

For those who like sports where you can eat what you catch, fishing is also popular here. You can choose to either sit on the harbour and fish with the locals who are fishing for their tea. You can visit one of the excellent and well-stocked fishing lakes that have huge specimen fish. Or, you can opt for hunting fish like barracuda and bass further off shore on organized boat trips. A trip like this with all equipment included for a group of 6 will be around 500 Baht per person for about 5 hours’ worth of fishing. Do not forget your sun cream and camera.

Muay Thai or Thai kick boxing is also very popular in Hua Hin. There are numerous camps where you can train with Thai kick boxers. Packages are offered from as little as a one hour training session to those looking for a month’s training package or even longer. The cost for a 1 hour lesson is around 300 Baht with longer packages available along with accommodation included. There is a fantastic Muay Thai sports arena in Hua Hin that has weekly Thai boxing competitions and the atmosphere is electric.

Ball and racquet sports are also plentiful here in Hua Hin. You can play tennis, squash and badminton and there are also some clubs that organize football practice for expatriates to enjoy. The badminton courts at Tavimook sports centre are only 150 Baht per hour and there are 8 courts to choose from. Tavimook also offers a great golf driving range. For those who enjoy their sport a little less ‘energetic’, and who enjoy playing sports indoors, you can play table tennis, darts and pool in many of the local bars in Hua Hin. The only trouble with these sports is that they can be dangerous as you are usually way too close to the bar with its selection of alcoholic drinks to tempt you!

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