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Hua Hin bars & nightlife

Bars and Nightclubs in Hua Hin

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Hua Hin is not particularly renowned for its wild nightlife in comparison with other tourist destinations in Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Despite this, there can be quite a lively nightlife and entertainment scene during the high tourist season (November to March), but it can be extremely quiet in the low season with barely a soul to be found. The Thai royal family lives here, which could be a reason why the nightlife in Hua Hin is somewhat kept in check.

Laid Back Atmosphere

The downtown bar area in Hua Hin has a relatively family friendly, low-key atmosphere and certainly does not have the same kind of sleazy reputation as Pattaya. Hua Hin could be considered quite tame in contrast and there are no go-go bars to be found. There are also a number of late night discos, karaoke bars, and live music venues.

Bars in Hua Hin are generally of the beer bar variety, populated with various Thai women that may be interested in more than just your conversation. However it’s not particularly raucous and it’s possible to enjoy a quiet drink without being hassled by the girls too much.

The bars in the tourist zone cater mainly to foreign and western customers, perhaps because there are a large number of expats with bar-owning Thai spouses. They regularly change ownership and there are always a couple of bars under renovation by the latest management.

Although Hua Hin is considered fairly safe with few serious incidents, as elsewhere it pays to be cautious especially when walking around at night and close to the bars.

Drink Up!

Almost without exception the bars are closed by 2 am, but those in the know should be able to find an alternative drinking venue that stays open later, either at the karaoke or a bar doing a ‘lock-in’. In recent times a series of inconsistent closing times has been enforced which has had a short-term negative effect on the town’s nightlife, as visitors were unable to find late night watering holes.

Drinks prices are fairly typical for a tourist town and it’s frequently possible to find happy hour discounts and special promotions. Some of the bars do three-for-two deals which can be almost as cheap as the 7-11 prices.

Where To Drink

Nightclubs and Discos

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