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Opticians in Hua Hin

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One of the first things you may notice while shopping in Hua Hin is that opticians seem to be located on almost every street; there are over twenty stores in the downtown area alone. It’s common to see two or three located next to each other or on the same street, and even though saturation point must have been reached already, no doubt more will be opening in Hua Hin over the coming years.

Although it can be rare to see any actual customers inside the opticians’ stores, they obviously do enough trade to support a healthy business. The staff normally outnumber the customers so there’s always plenty of attention and help available.

The opticians offer both sunglasses and prescription glasses, with eye tests usually included in the price of the glasses. Most have very up-to-date equipment and can perform comprehensive eyesight tests to prescribe the correct lenses. Alternatively, an existing prescription can be used to determine what lenses are needed. Prices are generally cheaper in Thailand than western countries; a good tip is to check the model numbers online with those in the store to determine the price difference.

Most of the popular brands of frames and sunglasses are available such as Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Police, Ray-Ban, and Oakley, plus unbranded varieties which should be considerably cheaper.

The opticians in Hua Hin include branches of Beautiful Optical, KT Optic, Time Optic, Top Charoen and Zoom Optical, as well as a few independent retailers. Since there are so many stores, the best advice is to visit several and base your decision both on the in-store expertise and prices.

There are also specialist ophthalmologists at several of the local hospitals that can perform a checkup and deal with any eye problems.

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