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Milford Golf Club in Hua Hin

Milford Golf Club

Milford Golf Club and Resort Hua Hin

Milford Golf Club was designed by American Robert McFarland back in 1992. The course is 18 holes with a 6,614 yardage and is a par 72 that is open every day of the week. It is rarely busy here and therefore is an ideal course for beginners or those who do not want to be rushed although there are some extremely narrow fairways and water for your ball to dive into. Milford is located south of Hua Hin and is about 1 kilometre from the Gulf of Thailand. It will take you about 15 minutes to drive there by car from Hua Hin.

The quality of the course may not be quite as good as some of the newer courses. The club house and pro shop and restaurant are looking dated and old. However, the staff here is fantastically friendly, the service is excellent and the food is inexpensive and very tasty indeed. But, forget the fact that this course and its facilities are not one of the most modern because the location more than makes up for this.

Milford golf course is all about location, views and wildlife. It is probably one of the best located golf courses in Thailand. The first nine holes are relatively low lying. However, the back nine holes are nothing short of spectacular. From many of the holes you have uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Thailand with mountains all around you. Throughout the back nine holes you have an excellent chance to see hawks flying on the warm tropical thermal winds. Also, you are guaranteed to see many beautiful peacocks running through the edge of the fairways as they make plenty of noise calling out to each other while spreading their beautiful electric blue tail feathers.

Milford golf course could be the perfect place if you are a beginner looking for some practice, peace, and stunning views of nature. But, be warned: the course has some tight fairways and this will probably make your scorecard not look quite as good as you want it to!


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