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Restaurants on Dechanuchit Road in Hua Hin

Dechanuchit Road Restaurants

A few minutes’ walk from the town centre, Dechanuchit Road intersects Poonsuk Road and leads down towards the fishing pier. There aren’t many restaurants on this road but there are several guesthouses with their own dining options. The night market restaurants further up the street are included later in this article in the market section.


Corner Restaurant
Previously nestled on a corner just off Dechanuchit Road, this small restaurant has moved into new premises further into the street, just behind Poonsuk Road. It’s still on a corner so the name is still valid, with the same reasonably priced Thai menu. There is an interesting collection of banknotes and memorabilia adorning the walls inside.
Address: 47/1 Dechanuchit Road
Open: 12.00-midnight

Som Moo Joom and Jeck Be-Ak
These are two separate business operating in the same premises, an old wooden town house on Dechanuchit Road. Som Moo Joom opens very early in the morning and closes once lunch has finished. Jeck Be-Ak opens early evening and closes by 8.30 p.m. Jeck is an exceptionally popular soup and hotpot restaurant that draws queues, especially visiting Thais on the weekends. It’s not possible to book in advance so just wait outside until a table becomes available. Mouthwatering seafood specials such as soft shell curried crab and fish cakes are exceptional. There are no signs in English so you might need some detective work to find this restaurant. Prices are very reasonable.
Address: 51/6 Dechanuchit Road
Hours: Som Moo Joom 06.00-14.00. Jeck Be-Ak 17.30-20.30

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