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Restaurants on soi Bintabaht in Hua Hin

Soi Bintabaht Restaurants

This street is packed with bars and is where most visitors go to drink, but there are several easy to miss restaurants located here. Tucked away down a small alley between Jasmine Tailor and Fortune Bar is P.K. Food and Drinks, a rather ramshackle joint which has cheap Thai favourites such as spicy minced pork salad, tom yam soup, and papaya salad with crab. On the opposite side next to Celtic bar, another cramped and unnamed hole in the wall restaurant has similar Thai food, and caters mainly to the women that hang around the bars.

In the evening, various street stalls appear selling fast food such as burgers, kebabs and hot dogs. There is also limitless snack food available all day from the wandering mobile vendors.


Photo: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

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