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Go-kart in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Go-Kart

Thailand_Hua Hin Go Kart

Racing a go-kart can be enormous fun and is very safe in Hua Hin. That is, as long as you do not think you are as good as Formula One racers Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel! You will have some great fun and an unforgettable experience racing go-karts under Thailand’s bright blue skies or moon-lit nights. Whether you want to race to win and impress your friends or simply enjoy the thrill of racing a go-kart, fun and excitement is guaranteed in this sport. Because of the constant warm weather in Hua Hin, Thailand, the racing track is always hot and sticky providing great grip for the tyres.

Safety and driver security is paramount at the go-kart race track in Hua Hin. There are 5 safety marshals stationed around the race track for added security while races are underway. Positioned around the edge of the racetrack are tyre walls, safety netting, grass run-offs and some sand banks to slow down and safely stop the odd driver who decides to take a short cut on the racetrack! Hua Hin is well known as a family destination and that point has not gone unnoticed regarding safety measures and added security. Additionally, on Wednesday evenings, tuition is available for children between 7 and 10-years-old. In these dedicated safety-minded classes, throttle control, cornering and how to follow the racing line is taught.

Located close to Hua Hin, around 5 minutes’ drive north of the town centre, just off the main Petchkasem Road, and almost opposite the airport, is a very popular go-kart centre. Open between 10:00am and 7:00pm for racing under the tropical sun, there is also a night racing option for those who like to race in the dark when it is a little cooler while also adding an extra dimension to their go-kart experience. Also, there is a race evening held on every full moon. This race is called the Full Moon Race and there are also Team Endurance Racing events.

Go-kart racing was first introduced in California way back in 1956. Nothing much has changed regarding the style of go-karts. The design of the wide wheel base remains the same. It is historically safe and ensures that the go-karts are very stable and do not flip over. OK, the materials have seen many improvements over the years but the aim is just the same: speed, fun and an adrenalin rush. This is where Hua Hin’s go-kart centre comes in. Hua Hin’s go-kart centre offers a 700 metre long track. This is long enough to really get into the race and grit your teeth, while holding on tight as the race track has a banked curve to create a little danger while creating more speed. Along with the long straight sections on the racetrack, there are some real sweeping right handed curves, some hairpins and even a chicane thrown in for good measure.

There is also a pit lane on offer, flood lighting with 72 floodlights for night racing and even a place where you can chill out and grab some food while enjoying a beer or two at the same time – drink-driving is however not recommended. Drinking alcohol is best left until either, you are drowning your sorrows after being beaten by your friends at the racetrack or as you celebrate being a winner or completing the fastest lap. Then, and only then, are the ice cold beers in order.

There are 10 adult karts available. There are 4 junior karts available and there are 4 twin-seated go-karts available for hire. Therefore, the go-kart centre is well-equipped for family days, groups and corporate events too. After the racing has finished you can then retire to the Podium Café. Here, you can eat great freshly cooked Thai and Western food, and then wash it all down with a drink or two to cool you down after the day’s racing.

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