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Hotels and Guesthouses

Hua Hin Hotels and Guesthouses

Hua Hin is a resort destination. There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses to stay in for your holidays. Accommodation is located throughout the town and along the coastline from the north all the way down to the south of Hua Hin. There are also some excellent resorts set in the hills to the West of Hua Hin like Mango Spa and AKA and AKA Gutti. The selection of accommodation in Hua Hin starts from guesthouses at the budget end of the scale. Then, on to mid-range places to stay in and then right on up to internationally recognized and branded 5-Star hotels and upscale resorts.

You will find that most of the staff wherever you decide to stay for your holiday will speak enough English to cater to your requirements. English is widely spoken in Thailand within the resort destinations like Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Restaurants, shopping malls and bars will all have staff that can help you. The staff will usually have at the very least enough English to understand what you need and assist you with your questions.

On a budget?

Budget entry-level guesthouses in Hua Hin are plentiful. Guesthouses like Memory Guesthouse and 21 Guesthouse have rooms that cost around 100 to 300 Thai Baht per night. At this very cheap price it should be quite obvious what kind of standard you will receive for your money. With a budget of around 500 to 600 Thai Baht per night you can expect to receive clean, good quality rooms that are freshly painted with air-con and basic coffee and tea-making facilities with most of them located in the centre of Hua Hin. Chom Haad Guesthouse offers the above facilities and has many shops, restaurants, bars, massage, beauty salons, laundry and the fantastic Thai Grand Market and Thai boxing Stadium located nearby, all of which are popular, interesting places to visit.

All Nations Guesthouse is also located in the centre of town and offers rooms from the Backpacker Room at 300 Thai Baht up to the Penthouse Rooms at 1,000 Thai Baht per night. This guesthouse is well run, very friendly and has a good restaurant with Thai and Western food available and a flat screen TV and free tea and coffee every day. All the rooms except the Backpacker Rooms have TVs, air-con, safes, fridges and balconies. You can walk to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

Mid-range Hotels

Mid-range accommodation is also freely available in Hua Hin. Places like the Citin Loft and Thipurai Hotel offer good quality rooms and facilities at great prices. Citin Loft offers 50 rooms, all with private balconies and air-con. There are also Internet stations, a good restaurant that caters to Thai and Western food, a free shuttle bus service and a fantastic roof top swimming pool with excellent views. Thipurai City Hotel has rooms from around 1,350 Thai Baht per night. Again, the hotel offers excellent facilities and really does have one of the best locations available anywhere in Hua Hin. It will take you about 3 minutes to walk to the beach and about 30 seconds to reach the shops, bars, restaurants and a charming night market that sells artwork like pictures and statues, clothes and music.

High-end Hotels

Towards the higher level of hotel accommodation, internationally recognized hotels like the Intercontinental, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, Marriot Courtyard and Sofitel are all available in Hua Hin. New hotels are also being constructed too with the Ibis Hotel now almost complete in Khao Takieb. There are also some excellent 5-star resorts like the Evason Hideaway Six Senses Resort in Pak Nam Pran, which is about 30 minutes’ drive south from Hua Hin.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort is also available in Hua Hin with David and Victoria Beckham both having stayed there. Both the Evason Hideaway and Chiva-Som are amongst the very best in Thailand. They are not cheap. But, you get what you pay for and these two resorts are some of the highest quality resorts you can expect to find here. Both are located next to the beach. They have first class services like health spas and restaurants. The grounds they are set in are extremely private. They have some of the most stunningly beautiful, private and romantic tropical gardens you will find anywhere in Thailand. These resorts are usually able to cater to every request you may have in your search for your perfect holiday. The health spas at Chiva-Som International Health Resort and Evason Hideaway Six Senses Resort are of an exceptionally high quality and come highly recommended.

While resorts like Chiva-Som International Health Resort and the critically acclaimed Anantara – with its incredibly luxurious 187 rooms are located around 5 minutes’ drive from modern Hua Hin with its many international attractions, the Evason Hideaway Six Senses Resort in Pak Nam Pran could be described as more remote and isolated. However, the Thai town of Pranburi is only 15 minutes’ drive west from the Evason Hideaway. Evason Hideaway is located right on the beach and there are no cars allowed in the resort. Transportation is by environmentally-friendly electrically powered golf buggies in order to keep noise and pollution levels to a minimum.

Sofitel and Hilton

hotels-and-guesthouses-hua-hinTwo of Hua Hin’s high end hotels with arguably some of the very best locations are undoubtedly the Sofitel Hotel and the Hilton Hotel. Both are located right on the beach, and you can walk to town from both in less than 1 minute. While the Hilton Hotel may actually be classed as in the town, it has a fantastic lobby with internal lotus pond and very high ceilings and an ultimate beachfront swimming pool. The Sofitel has probably one of the most beautiful entrances of all the hotels in Hua Hin. The colonial styling of the hotel is fabulous – complete with full-size piano in the lobby and beautiful stairs that arch around the entrance. Also, look out for the stunningly enchanting very old tree, which is the centerpiece of the front gardens as you drive into the hotel’s grounds.

While the grounds of the Hilton are mainly centered on the swimming pool, the grounds of the Sofitel are more extensive. The sweeping entrance to the Sofitel is very impressive with a large green area in front of the hotel with many old trees providing shade. On walking up the steps to the reception area, you are then greeted with a fantastic view of the beautiful grounds and ornamental lakes. Further down towards the sea, there is an area with a stunning beach front sala that has been used many times for weddings in a very tropical setting – complete with views of the sea, white sand and palm trees. The food on offer at the Sofitel is faultless and of the highest order. For example, the buffet that is offered next to the beach provides almost every single type of the freshest salads, fruits, meat, fish, shellfish and poultry you can think of and more. It comes very highly recommended.


Another resort, located in Khao Takieb, which is about 10 minutes drive south of Hua Hin that also has a stunning entrance and a beach-front restaurant is called Anantasila. This resort has a very long swimming pool that is lit up at night time and provides a charming entrance to the restaurant and bar area. The pool is surrounded by trees and beautiful flowers like orchids and other exotic flowers and plants. The food here is excellent and you can eat either Thai food or Western food like pasta with mussels or chicken cordon bleu. They also offer some of the best steaks in Hua Hin and the surrounding areas. The restaurant staff are exceptionally helpful ,and go out of their way to be friendly and courteous.

If you are lucky enough, and you choose to dine at Anantasila when the moon is out, you will be eating your dinner with the enchanting outline of Monkey Mountain to your left as you look out to sea. The water here is also very close to the restaurant and the moon shines off the water to provide a very romantic shimmering backdrop. You will also see the luminous green lights of the bobbing fishing boats as they attempt to catch fresh squid from the Gulf of Thailand. There is usually a breeze blowing in from the sea. This will keep the temperature pleasantly cool for the duration of your stay. The rooms are nothing short of luxurious. No matter whether you choose to stay in the Junior Suites or Standard rooms or further up the scale to the Deluxe Pool Side rooms or the spectacular Sea Front Apartments, the interior decor is stunning.

In conclusion, the above article has only described some of the wide selection of guesthouses, hotels and resorts available in Hua Hin and the surrounding areas. There are so many to choose from, from the stunning Intercontinental and Hyatt hotels to the smaller and more intimate guesthouses. Whatever you decide to choose, wherever direction you decide to go, you can be sure that your experience will be enjoyable and the staff will be friendly and smiling.

Much of the accommodation is so good in Hua Hin that it may even be advisable to try to change your accommodation during your stay a couple of times so you can get a real flavor of what is on offer in this friendly and attractive seaside resort town.

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