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How to rent property in Hua Hin

How to Rent Property

Is renting property easier than buying property? Yes, without doubt. Renting a property in Hua Hin, Thailand, is a lot more straightforward than if you are looking to invest in a property long term. Of course, the cost will be much more minimal compared to that of buying a property. Therefore, monetary risk is minimal.

You do not need to check laws, rules, taxes and regulations. Still, that is not to say that you should be any less careful and vigilant when looking for your ideal holiday rental home in the sun. The chances are you will be like many visitors who only have one holiday per year and you want to escape from the wind, rain and cold. You will probably be so excited to be coming to charming Hua Hin, Thailand. Therefore, you probably do not want to end up risking your tropical sunny holiday ending up somewhere you would never even travel through, let alone stay in, in your home town!

how-to-rent-property-in-hua-hinSo, the steps are similar. Search out a website; find your property, then, start asking questions. If I do not need to ask about things like leases, companies and other ownership issues, what do I need to ask? OK, you want to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. You do not want to end up having to complain about something and your real estate agent does not want to have to listen to you complaining about something either! So, ask about what the neighborhood is like. Is it a completed development and peaceful or are there houses being built next door to my holiday home? Is the holiday home fenced in or can Thai dogs run around the area all day and all night causing not only unpleasant mess but sleepless nights every night as they fight, howl and bark with their doggy friends?

Is the condo actually a ‘2-minute walk to the beach’ as advertised or is it actually a 10-minute drive in a car? Is there a sense of community with some shops, bars, restaurants and laundry facilities or will I feel like I am isolated and on the moon? Is the water reliable or does it run out sometimes? Is there an Internet connection and I can I receive WiFi in my room or just in the lobby or reception area? Can I watch satellite TV and can I pay to upgrade the package for football and movies or will I only get Thai cable TV? Is Internet and satellite TV included in the price? Is air-con included in the price?

Will my belongings be insured while I am in the property? How can I arrange cleaning, laundry and can I check in at 03:00am in the morning? Is the property fully equipped with full bedding and kitchen equipment? When and how will I get my deposit back? Are there enough sun beds for four people around the pool? Can I book a taxi to pick me up at the airport? Will the rental company be able to organize reputable car hire for me? Can they recommend tourist places that are worth going to see and the ones that are not worth going to see? And so on.

Once again, these questions are not meant to put you off; in fact, quite the opposite. When you have as many of your questions answered as possible, you will be guaranteed a peaceful and relaxing time in your dream destination. Make sure you try to find out about most of the above points. Then, the only thing you will have to worry about while on your holiday is making sure you go brown enough to show off your sexy sun tan when you get back to your cool, cloudy, country.

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