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Hua Hin clinics & dentists

Dentists and Specialist Clinics in Hua Hin

Whether you need dental care, skin treatment, an eye examination or cosmetic surgery, Hua Hin has numerous establishments to satisfy your needs. For many medical conditions it’s quite common to visit a hospital for assessment, but there are also smaller clinics and surgeries which can deal with a vast range of health problems. Hua Hin also has several specialist skin treatment centres which cater to medical and cosmetic issues.

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Hua Hin has an assortment of modern dental clinics around town and at the local hospitals that provide quick and efficient treatment. All the dentists offer a comprehensive range of services including checkup and diagnosis, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, orthodontics, implants and x-rays. An appointment is always required but most should be able to see you with relatively short notice.

Treatment is generally cheaper here than in Western countries and the dentists are considered well-trained. Most clinics are happy to accept foreigners and can speak quite adequate English, however a few (with signs written in Thai only) mainly handle local Thai customers. It’s probably sensible to choose a dental practice that is used to dealing with tourists and expats, especially when a more complicated procedure may be required.

The well known dentists in town include Cool Smile (3 branches), Perfect Smile, Hua Hin Dental Clinic as well as Bangkok Hospital and San Paolo Hospital. They normally open seven days a week and close around 5 PM, however some stay open later until 8 PM.

Some example costs are illustrated below.

Procedure Typical price (Thai baht)

Check up Free
Crown 5,000 – 18,000 per tooth
Dentures 12,000
Filling 300 – 600
Implants 50,000 – 60,000 per tooth
Root canal (incisor) 3,000
Root canal (premolar) 4,000
Root canal (molar) 6,000 – 8,000
Scale and polish 500 – 800
Scale with airflow 1,000 – 1,200
Laser whitening 5,000
X-ray 100

Details of the main dental clinics in Hua Hin can be found at the end of this article.

Skin Treatment and Cosmetic Surgery

There are a couple of specialist clinics in Hua Hin that provide skin treatment and cosmetic surgery procedures, although Bangkok Hospital and San Paolo Hospital also cover those needs. The services on offer include various face and body treatments for dermatological conditions, Botox filler injections, hair removal, scar treatment, skin laser procedures (removal of tattoos, veins, acne, moles and warts), plastic surgery and other aesthetic and beauty treatments.

At least three clinics are located on the third floor of the Market Village shopping mall (Pongsak Clinic, Radjevee Clinic, and Wuttisak Clinic) and another on Petchakasem Road (Lollana Skin Clinic). They offer fairly similar expertise and prices, with qualified doctors and professional-looking premises. However they may be more used to dealing with Thais rather than foreign customers; the popularity of such places could be attributed to the high status of white and blemish-free skin in Thai culture.

Pongsak Clinic
Third Floor Market Village
Telephone +66 (0)32 526 374

Radjavee Clinic
Third Floor Market Village
Telephone +66 (0)32 526 450-1

Wuttisak Clinic
Third Floor Market Village
Telephone +66 (0)32 526 124

Lollana Skin Clinic
83 Petchakasem Road (between Soi 63 and Soi 65)
Telephone +66 (0)32 513 742-3

Other Specialist Clinics

For ear, nose and throat problems, there is a small clinic in Soi 55/1 run by Doctor Sarun Wisutgoson just around the corner from the Cool Smile dentist. The clinic signs are in Thai only, so they obviously cater more to locals than foreign customers. The International Polyclinic and the hospitals also have expertise in this area, and understand English.

For those that wish to lose weight and get in trim, apart from visiting the local gyms there is the option of The Body & Shape Clinic on the third floor of Market Village. They concentrate mainly on non-surgical techniques to help you lose the pounds.

Addresses – Dental Clinics

Bangkok Hospital
888 Petchakasem Road (near Soi 94)
Telephone +66 (0)32 616 800

Cool Smile Dental Clinic (MAIN BRANCH)
100/2-3 Naeb Kehardt Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 513 989

Dr Nikorn Dental Clinic
1/7 Sa Song Road
Telephone +66 (0)81 8477298

Hua Hin Dental Clinic
1/5 Sa Song Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 531 510

Hua Hin International Polyclinic
40/5-7 Petchakasem Road (between Soi 68/1 and Soi 70)
Telephone +66 (0)32 516 424

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic
113/9 Petchakasem Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 533 444

Prasert Dental Clinic
11/44 Soi 45/1 Petchakasem Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 530 115

San Paolo Hospital
222 Petchakasem Road (between Soi 84 and Soi 86)
Telephone +66 (0)32 532 576

72/3 Naeb Kehardt Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 515 947

Thawatchai Dental Clinic (NAME DISPLAYED IN THAI ONLY)
94/5 Naeb Kehardt Road
Telephone +66 (0)81 8478837

Note that Dental 2000, which was located on Petchakasem Road, has now closed.

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