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Hua Hin hospitals

Hospitals in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is fortunate to have three main hospitals offering a range of services and quality of care, as well as a plethora of smaller clinics and pharmacies.

Most Thais cannot afford the relatively high costs of private hospitals, so the public ones are generally quite busy particularly on holidays such as Songkran due to the increase in road traffic accidents. Private hospitals in Thailand are quite expensive and so it’s definitely worth organizing health or travel insurance, and you can pay with cash or credit cards at most establishments.

The majority of minor ailments can be dealt with quickly and easily in Hua Hin and don’t always necessitate a hospital visit; local clinics and doctors can be just as effective when diagnosing less serious problems. For more critical conditions, there are now several decent hospitals in Hua Hin and an even greater choice of world-class medical care just a few hours away in Bangkok.

The main local hospitals (with contact details) are as follows:

San Paolo Hospital

Established in 1997, San Paolo was the first private hospital in Hua Hin. There is a 60 bed in-patient capacity and the staff speak English well. Prices can be rather expensive but those with insurance may be able to submit a claim (you usually need to pay upfront and reclaim the expenses later).

The hospital caters for a broad range of medical services such as general medical care, pediatrics, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, 24-hour emergency services, neuroscience, radiology, an intensive care unit and a dental clinic.

A complete health check-up service is available (as may be required prior to employment in Thailand) as well as other programs including detox and well-being courses. These are frequently discounted or combined into special promotions.

For overnight patient stays a range of rooms are on offer; the cheapest private room rate starts at nearly 4000 baht including service costs, which falls roughly in the average price range compared with the other hospitals. For a full list of treatments and costs, it’s advisable to check their website for the latest up-to-date information.

San Paolo Hospital is centrally located at 222 Petchakasem Road between Soi 84 and Soi 86. Telephone 032 532 576.

Hua Hin Hospital

The largest public hospital in town, Hua Hin Hospital re-opened in 2009 with a 200 bed capacity and refurbished premises, including an entire floor dedicated to the Thai Royal Family. The hospital caters mainly to the local Thai population and therefore treatment is quite affordable. However English is not widely spoken by staff so you may encounter some language difficulties; it may help to ask a Thai-speaking friend to accompany you.

A range of services are provided such as 24-hour accident and emergency support, general surgery, cardiology, orthopedics and neurology. Medical treatment here is generally good and it can be the best option particularly for less serious issues.

Hua Hin Hospital is situated at 30/2 Petchakasem Road between Soi 10 and Soi 12, just 5 minutes from the town centre. Telephone 032 523 000.

Bangkok Hospital

The newest and probably the best private hospital in Hua Hin, Bangkok Hospital fully opened in May 2011 and is part of the well-respected Bangkok Dusit Medical Service group which runs 13 hospitals nationally. It has already earned a reputation as the town’s premier healthcare facility.

With 50 in-patient beds and doctors trained in Bangkok, the facilities are top-notch but the prices are correspondingly high, even for simple treatments. A straightforward consultation costs around 500 baht even if no treatment is administered. All staff speak English very well and translators are even available to assist with communication difficulties.

The health services are fairly similar to the other hospitals and include accident and emergency, general surgery, pediatrics, a dental clinic, cardiology, men’s and women’s health, and rehabilitation, to name just a few.

Special promotions and packages are frequently offered, especially for the comprehensive health check-ups (a complete physical examination including blood tests, x-rays and such). The cheapest private room starts at around 6000 baht per day.

In the rare case that treatment cannot be carried out locally, patients can be transported to one of the main branches in Bangkok (there is even a heliport on the roof!).

The hospital is at 888 Petchakasem Road, heading south from the town centre near Soi 94. Telephone 032 616 800 (or 1719 in emergencies).

Hua Hin International Polyclinic

The polyclinic is a local branch of the excellent Petcharat Hospital (in Petchaburi province). Specialist clinic sessions are held on different days and opening hours are from 8 am to 7 pm daily. Except for overnight facilities, it offers comprehensive medical services and is usually very busy due to its excellent standards and reputation. Staff also have experience at the main Petcharat Hospital.

The clinic is located at 40/5-7 Petchakasem Road. Telephone 032 516 424.

Hua Hin Red Cross

This hospital provides health service mainly for less serious ailments. They sometimes organize blood donor sessions at venues such as Market Village. Popular with Thais, the hospital prices are quite reasonable.

Telephone 032 512 567.


Petcharat Hospital is a private hospital in Petchaburi province with a well-deserved reputation as one of the region’s best. It has 100 in-patient beds, 24-hour emergency services and a reasonable room rate of about 2500 baht for a standard private room. The typical health services are catered for in addition to a range of check-up programs at less than 2500 baht for a basic package.

The hospital is located approximately 65 km north of Hua Hin on the main Petchakasem Road. Telephone 032 417 070 to 9.

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