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Hua Hin tailors

Tailors in Hua Hin

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There is definitely an excess of tailors in Hua Hin, with most acting only as shop-fronts; the actual tailoring takes place elsewhere in local workshops. Several tailors do make the clothes themselves but this is generally the exception. A few specialise in leather and shoes and one or two have a good reputation with the work being carried out on the premises. The cheapest price is often displayed outside to get customers through the door but as with most goods, high quality work usually costs more. The majority can produce a faithful copy of any style you wish, and they keep a selection of cloth samples and various garment styles on display for inspiration.

Prices are helpfully displayed in several currencies but a general rule to remember is that you usually get what you pay for, and if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Tourist Trap?

Many holidaymakers in Hua Hin visit a local tailor during their stay but it’s wise to choose carefully. Tales of dodgy craftsmanship and underhand sales tactics abound, so it’s advisable to get recommendations before you choose a tailor and shop around before making a purchase. The tailors in Hua Hin do tend to hassle you as you walk by – these establishments may be best avoided but they can be quite persistent.


It’s possible to visit nearly all the local tailors within a very small part of town. The highest concentration is centrally located around Naresdamri Road near the Hilton Hotel and on Dechanuchit street, with more on Petchakasem Road close to Soi 74. A small number can also be found in Soi Selakam, Soi Bintabaht, and on Poonsuk Road. There is a branch of Mike & Co at Market Village and the main one is at the Rashnee Silk Village on Naeb Kehardt Road.

Shopping Hints

Employ common sense when shopping at the tailors in Hua Hin; the hints and tips below may provide some guidance:

Several fittings are normally required for suits and intricate clothes. Any tailor that says a suit will be ready in 24 hours may be compromising the quality
Many tailors have almost identical prices and cloth so it’s worth checking the quality of the fabric, stitching and workmanship in detail
Check that the chosen fabric is what you get in the final garments. As an example, an item sold as 100% cashmere should not contain any other fabric mix
Try to use recommended tailors. Check Internet forums and websites (such as this one) and any word-of-mouth from previous customers
Shop around and check out other tailors in Bangkok which may have a good reputation

Popular Tailors

Mike & Co is one of few that enjoys a decent reputation with five local branches, and what seem to be the largest and most professional stores. They also make everything themselves. The main branch is at the Rashnee Silk Village just a few minutes from the town centre, others are more central.

Poonsuk Leather (on Poonsuk Road towards Dechanuchit) make tailored leather jackets, waistcoats, trousers and shoes, and is popular with local and visiting bikers. The quality is high and all the items are made in the back of the shop. The Thai craftsman doesn’t speak great English but the staff in the adjoining shop J.P. Tailor help with orders.


The addresses of a small selection of tailors close to the town centre can be found below.

Elegance Boutique & Thai Silk
19/2-3 Dechanuchit Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 513 479

33/19 Naresdamri Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 514 467

Mike & Co Tailor
Main branch Rashnee Thai Silk Village
Naeb Kehardt Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 531 155-7

Milano Costumes
31 Naresdamri Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 533 639

Picasso The Tailor Co
Main branch 94/4 Phetchakasem Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 511 418

Spirit Fashion & Thai Silk
60 Naresdamri Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 531 519

Tina Collections
41 Dechanuchit Road
Telephone +66 (0)81 926 1753

Uomo Collections Style
124/2 Naresdamri Road
Telephone +66 (0)32 532 564

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