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Massage and Spas in Hua Hin

Spas and Massage in Hua Hin

Traditional massage is extremely popular in Thailand, with a complex ancient history and roots in Indian and Chinese medicine. Massage therapy is reputed to have a whole range of beneficial effects on the mind and body, and can be an effective way to relieve tension and stress. The traditional Thai massage does not use oil, but other variations and complimentary therapies have gained popularity and its possible to find a wealth of massage types in almost every establishment. Health spas are a more modern phenomenon that provide a relaxing and serene environment in which to enjoy a full range of health treatments including massage.

Many visitors to Thailand will appreciate the unique experience of a real Thai massage and Hua Hin is certainly a good place to indulge one’s senses. Compared to Western countries, massage is quite inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere.



Massage and spa venues commonly offer a variety of body and facial treatments including Thai and oil massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, body scrubs, sauna and more. Many will customise their programs based on the customer’s health status and history, and have packages available that combine several treatments. Before starting any program, it’s important to inform the practitioner if you have any health problems, and try to use the more professional establishments as they should have a higher level of expertise.

Venues in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has countless massage venues and spas, many of which can be found in the downtown tourist area or within a few minutes’ walk. There are broadly several types, each with varying levels of expertise and skill. Small massage shops with just a few staff may contain only a single room or two and can be found close to the main bar district, as well as further afield all over Hua Hin. There are also more upmarket venues which tend to have well-trained staff and a better knowledge of the various massage techniques. Finally, the upmarket and specialist spa resorts cater to those looking for a comprehensive spa treatment or holiday. Most of the hotels also provide massage services in one form or another. Opening times are usually from early morning until late evening, and prices start from a few hundred baht for a basic massage and rise to thousands for the more exotic treatments.

Small and Friendly

It seems like almost every street and tourist spot in Hua Hin has a local massage shop, which usually provides a standard but limited repertoire of Thai and oil massage of varying quality. The premises may even be shared with a beauty salon or bar. Although such places may have suitably trained staff, it’s also quite possible they have no formal training or were taught by a friend or relative, so it’s wise to ask first.

Around the downtown bar area, it is possible to get a decent massage but it’s well known that male customers may be offered a little more. Thankfully, it’s usually possible to determine the type of experience on offer beforehand. The more risque establishments will have a variety of scantily clad women outside attempting to entice male passers by inside. However the respectable places are quite easily identifiable and will also have price lists and decent facilities. A one hour massage costs around a few hundred baht, but there usually isn’t a wide choice of treatments available in these smaller places.

Mid-range Experts

There are plenty of reputable and skilled massage venues in downtown Hua Hin, which have a great selection of treatments with good facilities and clean premises. These are the most typical places that visitors to Hua Hin will come across, and they offer reasonable prices and fairly high standards. As well as the ubiquitous Thai and oil massage, you can find sports massage, Swedish massage, body scrubs (with tea, milk, salt, sugar, aloe or other natural ingredients), hot stone massage, mud and fruit body wraps, facial treatments, saunas and much more. They have 60, 90 and 120 minute programs and staff are usually quite skilled.

The majority are located on Naresdamri Road which runs down past the Hilton Hotel, as well as Chomsin Road and Dechanuchit Road, also close to the town centre. Most will provide a full price list and information describing the various treatments available, so it’s quite simple to decide which you might be interested in. A good tip is to see which ones are busy, though it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best.

A few places worthy of mention and easy to find are as follows:

Elephant Thai Massage
Located on Naresdamri Road, Elephant Massage has a pleasant atmosphere with traditional Thai decor. Treatments include traditional Thai massage, reflexology, facial massage and a special physical therapy massage.

Five Stars Massage
With two branches on Naresdamri Road (the first near the Hilton and the second further up near the Sofitel), Five Stars attracts much passing trade due to its good location. Tourists can be frequently seen inside enjoying a foot massage. Five Stars is quite typical of the others on Naresdamri Road, regarding prices and services on offer.

Malaithong Massage
Another venue on Naresdamri Road, Malaithong offers such delights as a mud bath, coffee scrub and hot stone massage. Several packages are on offer starting at 1200 baht and rising to 2700 baht for the most indulgent.

Nicha Health Spa and Massage
Located on Chomsin Road, Nicha has good facilities and a great choice of packages with tempting names such as “Touch of Angel”, “Body Paradise” and “Wonderful Lady”.

Raintree Spa
Set in a beautifully restored wooden house on the corner of Poonsuk Road and Soi Selakam, Raintree is a very professional spa which has an extensive range of massage and spa treatments in lovely premises. It’s quite unusual in that it’s set right in the heart of the bar district but it’s definitely a high class establishment. Prices range from a few hundred baht to thousands for the special packages that can last several hours.

White Sand Massage and Spa
White Sand is located on Chomsin Road, easily accessible on foot but otherwise slightly away from the main tourist drag. They have an enticing menu which includes hot stone massage and various body scrubs, as well as Swedish massage and aromatherapy.

Spa Resorts

At the higher end of the scale are the dedicated spa resorts and hotels, which offer a complete range of massage and spa treatments in pleasant surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. The resorts vary in size and facilities, some are very exclusive indeed but others are more reasonably priced. A few well known local ones include the Dusit Thani Hotel (Devarana Spa), Marriott Resort and Spa, Hilton Resort and Spa, Springfield Village Spa, Sofitel Centara, Anantara Resort and Spa, and the internationally acclaimed but exclusive Chiva Som which is considered by many as one of the best spas in the world. Prices at such places can run into thousands of baht per day, and guests normally stay at the resort accommodation.

Massage By The Blind
Special mention must be given to this unique experience, in which a Thai massage is given by expert blind practitioners. There are at least two in Hua Hin, the first is located in Soi 37 next to the Royal Palace, and the second which is run by the same group in Naeb Kehardt Road near the Putahracsa Hotel. Judging by recommendations and its acclaimed reputation, it is one of the best ways to enjoy a massage and has the added benefit of helping the local blind community.


The details of just some of the local massage and spa venues are included below. The addresses of the larger resorts and spas are easily found through their respective websites.

Elephant Thai Massage 162/9 Naresdamri Road – Telephone +66 (0)32 533 455
Baan Kwankamon Massage and Spa 120/1 Naresdamri Road – Telephone +66 (0)32 533 733
Five Stars Massage (BRANCH 1) 172/7 Naresdami Road – Telephone +66 (0)82 250 8162
Five Stars Massage (BRANCH 2) 130/6 Naresdami Road – Telephone +66 (0)89 667 8362
Leelawadee Spa Dechanuchit Road – Telephone +66 (0)86 804 2061
Malaithong Massage 178/1 Soi 65, Naresdamri Road – Telephone +66 (0)89 773 7535
Nicha Health Spa and Massage 1/1-2 Chomsin Road – Telephone +66 (0)32 530 533
Raintree Spa 48 Soi Selakam – Telephone +66 (0)32 530 124
Royal Massage Hua Hin and Spa 120/2 Naresdamri Road – Telephone +66 (0)32 515 263
Siam Massage 122/3 Naresdamri Road – Telephone +66 (0)81 778 9087
Thai Massage By The Blind Soi 37 (near Golden Place) – Telephone +66 (0)81 005 0327
Walai Spa Chomsin Road – Telephone +66 (0)82 251 0013
White Sand Massage and Spa 48/2 Dechanuchit Road – Telephone +66 (0)85 442 6333

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