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Nightclubs and Discos in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Discos and Nightclubs

There aren’t many nightclubs in Hua Hin, but those are quite accessible in the town centre and others only a short trip away. Perhaps the most well known of these is the Hilton disco which starts to get busy late in the evening and closes by 2 am. They have a decent band that plays western and Thai hits at maximum volume and a reasonably sized dance floor. Clientele is mainly a mix of Thai women and bar girls, as well as tourists that don’t seem to mind paying higher drinks prices (more than double the regular bar prices).

Close to the Hilton at the Bazaar is China White (Jean Olivier) disco and bar, which only gets lively once all the bars have closed. Although quite small, it can get packed with bar girls, tourists (especially the younger crowd) and locals, and appears to serve as a late-night pickup joint. There is an entrance fee which also includes a drink.

nightclubs-and-discos-in-hua-hinSeveral kilometres north of town near Soi 7 is the large Hi4 pub and disco at the Hin Nam Sai Suay complex. This venue is very popular among young Thais, with live bands nightly (mostly Thai rock music). It’s easily accessible with transport within ten minutes and has plenty of parking. At weekends, expect it to be loud and rather busy inside. In the same vein but slightly more rough around the edges is the Luknam Pub on the main road to Pala-U. Along with Thai rock and country music, they serve drinks and a wide range of Thai food. In these places you won’t meet many foreigners so be prepared to stand out like a sore thumb, but you might even be invited to share a drink or two with the locals.

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