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Where to have a drink in Hua Hin

Drink in Hua Hin

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Dozens of bars are located within a small area in the town centre which can easily be covered on foot in around ten minutes. Soi Bintabaht and the surrounding streets (such as Soi Selakam and Poonsuk Road) are where most of the action can be found. Free pool, TV, and music is common and a few have decent rock bands playing live several nights a week. Of course, there is usually an assortment of women hanging around attempting to vie for your affections, especially if you’re new in town. Close to the main bar street are various restaurants and guesthouses, as well as a mix of more family oriented and upscale establishments, so it’s easy to find something to suit all tastes.

Just under a kilometre (ten minutes’ walk or so) from Soi Bintabaht is another cluster of bars in Soi Salawat (Soi 80). Popular mainly with the male expat community, it consists of a row of small bars extending for several hundred metres. Most tourists don’t discover the charms of this street partly due to its more remote location and proximity to the busy main road. Getting there on foot is possible, but it’s more convenient to take a motorbike taxi. The atmosphere there can’t really be described as buzzing, but each bar has its own dedicated troupe of locals and a couple of girls hanging out. Soi 80 is perhaps more convivial than Soi Bintabaht despite being quieter. The bars can become quite busy especially when there is a local pool tournament, party or other event. It also depends on the popularity of the owner and the drinks prices. Soi 80 deserves a visit to appreciate the more relaxed venues in town, and is also a good place to meet many of the local expats.

At 2 am when everywhere closes, a popular place to go is the area near the Hilton known as the Bazaar or the karaoke area. Here, a few small karaoke bars (with western and Thai music) open until the wee small hours or until the last customer goes home. They also serve alcohol all night. Close by are several stalls selling Thai food and burgers, and a popular disco (see the next section).

For those interested in sport there are ample opportunities to watch big-screen games and matches in most bars, as well as a couple of sports bars around town (such as Lucky Shot just behind Poonsuk Road, and in Soi 80 there is Dick’s Office and Play Sports Lounge).

More bars are scattered here and there around town, along with a few large pubs frequented by Thais which don’t really attract much of a western crowd. These places tend to get busy at weekends when a large influx of visitors arrives from Bangkok. They normally provide table service and host live bands that play mainly Thai music.

Around five or six kilometres further south, Khao Takiab has its own distinct nightlife and a selection of fairly quiet bars which are quite widely dispersed.

There are too many venues to compare them all here, but it’s possible to find up-to-date discussions in our Hua Hin forums.

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